The Burnt World of Athas - 30 Days of Dark Sun 17: What is your favorite elemental themed creature?

The 17th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your favorite elemental themed creature?"

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I kind of want to just go with the Elementally Infused Monster powers from the 4E DS Creature Catalog, because they did a great job of turning any monster into an elemental creature. But, there are some amazing elemental creatures.

Some of the great battles with monsters that feel really tied to the elements aren’t actually elemental. Silt horrors, silt sharks, anakore, floating mantles… all are so much fun but are not truly elemental.

So, I must go with the Cloud Ray, if only for the awesome idea of finding yourself on one by mistake and flying above Athas (thanks, Dark Sun comic and accompanying adventure by Chris Sims)!