The Burnt World of Athas - 30 Days of Dark Sun 2: Preserving Vs Defilling

DRAFT 30 Days of Dark Sun 2: Preserving Vs Defilling Posted in Behind the Veil 30 Days of Dark Sun 25th anniversary #30DaysofDarkSun Raddu Original creator of The Burnt World of Athas back in 1995 or so...

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I’d have to go with preserving, myself, for a relatively straightforward reason: The Veiled Alliance.

As a wizard, you’re hated by the populace either way, but the VA can act as a support group, making it less necessary for you to expose your powers in public, and they’ll have your back when the water’s been spilled. How many defilers can say the same?

Also: The Veiled Ones have libraries. I don’t have to depend on blind luck, or looting some elf’s corpse in order to grow my repertoire of spells and rituals.

Preserver. The obvious destruction of defiling magic would lead me to a more sustainable use. This is what I like most about the setting is the obvious moral issues applicable to today’s “real world” unlike other fantasy settings.

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I like PC’s to play preservers since playing a defiler correctly really doesn’t allow for party unity. However, I really like the idea of defilers in the world. I like that defilers aren’t necessarily evil, but can just be opportunistic.

Defiler anti-hero for me. Preservers can also have their own evil twists mind you. But anti heros are more fun than false do-gooders.

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the idea with this 2 kinds of magic is genial. wizards draw up her power from the environment and destroying it sounds so cool. on the other side u have the preserver and druids who fight against the defiler give the gameplay a good portion of pepper. this endless fighting creates a lot of good adventures ideas.