The Burnt World of Athas - 30 Days of Dark Sun 6: What's your favorite class?

The 7th day of #30DaysofDarkSun is here and the question is "What is your Favorite Class?".

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a fantastic combination is wizard/thief or Psionic/thief.


In 2e - the fighter/psionicist, in contrast with any 3e multiclassing and the psychic warriors. In 3e - the erudite.

The one I most often chose was the gladiator - just a super-cool concept and so fun. Second pick would be the elemental priest, because I so dig the idea of the elemental forces as presented in the novels. In 4E, I loved the psionic classes such as Battlemind - really worked in Dark Sun.

From a story design standpoint, the class that always impressed me was the vision of the bard as a house-hired entertainer who was known to all as likely being an assassin. The social contract of gifting a bard to another house, something the receiving house normally wouldn’t dare turn down despite the possibility of assassination… that was a really cool concept.