The Burnt World of Athas - 4e Dark Sun Monster Index

Daniel Bandera compiled this great monster index for all of the 4th edition D&D Dark Sun monsters and their sources. His sources include all of the released adventures including game day & free rpg day as well as Dungeon adventures & Ashes of Athas adventures.

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Awesome list! I wanted to add that it needs the following added from the adventure “Sand Raiders” in the campaign setting book.

Silt Runner Darter - level 1 artillery
Silt Runner Rager - level 1 brute
Kruthik Adult - level 4 brute
Kruthik Young - level 2 brute
Kruthik Hatchling - level 2 minion
Silt Runner Inciter - level 2 Controller (leader)
Ssurran Poisonscale Collector - level 3 Lurker