The Burnt World of Athas - Aarakocra Weapons

Sanskreet was on a trip of bad luck. The young aarakocra had been offered a chance to guard a caravan. He did not know the caravan was heading straight through Eldarrich to his dismay, 3 templars found him in the back of the caravan. He gave a spirited fight using his hocatch and papiks, but in the end, he went down to an obsidian blade. Later they searched him and found some strange weapons...

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Gor-kath: a short knife which the Winter Nest aarakocra use in their defiler castrating rites.”

Winter Nest have own defilers? If I good remember, they collaborate with Oronis about “studying of magic” and he don’t learn aarakocras to defiling.
And why there are made castrating rites? For birds this is strange…

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