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Ashes of Athas distribution petition Posted by flip about 4 years ago If you’re wondering what’s happened with the Ashes of Athas home / non-convention play, it seems there’s been some kind of snag with distribution permission. There’s a thread on the WotC site acting as a sort of petition, asking Wizards to prioritize resolving the confusion. If you’re interested in playing Ashes of Athas, and you can’t make the conventions, this is where you want to weigh in. Please remember that hostility just makes the overseers mad.

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Looks like this is an old post, but it came up in my Arena summary. Just so the information is out there, Wizards of the Coast did allow us to distribute, but only through e-mail. The adventures cannot be hosted or shared online in any other way.

You can find how to order the adventures here.