The Burnt World of Athas - Athasian Plot Hooks 2

By Adam Cieszlak, Austin Butcher, and Mark Hope.

Avallal is the daughter of Vellius, the headman of a nomadic tribe of raiders. She has proven to be much too soft, however, for a life of raiding. Furthermore, Avallal is a burgeoning wizard. If either Vellius or his men were to find out, she’s not at all certain she’d be allowed to survive. To make matters worse, she has defiled too close to a nearby oasis, poisoning the water and angering the druid that guards the area. Avallal desperately seeks a new lifestyle. If someone were to help her to leave and find a place to belong, perhaps even teaching her to preserve instead of defile, it would go a long way toward turning her life around for the better.

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