The Burnt World of Athas - Athasian Warforged

By: Geneome

Recently, the Kraken’s Kiss arrived in Balic’s port with several items of interest beyond their usual trade of cloth and giant hair from Draj and elsewhere along the coast. While traversing the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, they came upon a skimmer wreck recently revealed after storms blew away silt from long leagues of shoreline. Hoping to find something of value from the wreck, the captain ordered his crew to investigate, but found the only thing intact on board to be a series of clay tablets upon which runes were inscribed. Not being able to read, the captain felt that some coin might be made by selling the tablets to scholars. In port, modest sums changed hands and the tablets found their way to a low level Balican Templar with an interest in ancient writings. These tablets were at first little interest to him since they were written in the common tongue of modern times. Reading the tablets however revealed that they were not only over a hundred years old, but described a journey to the ruins of Waverly. Some of the tablets were too worn to be read, but the fragments that remained told of only a single treasure deemed worthy of record.

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