The Burnt World of Athas - Avangions, Redux

Avangions, Redux Posted by flip almost 12 years ago An updated version of the Avangion has been posted. <p> </p> This version of the Avangion has been a total revamp of the prior system due to feeback from both the bureau and the boards. <p> </p>Added features include: (but are not limited to) <ul> <li>initial feat prerequisites have changes slightly to better represent the avangions special nature[feat:5] </li> New method of dealing with Avangion Magic (including removing the disputed retain essence ability for a more streamlined system) Gaining the epic metamorphosis spells without research cost through leveling in the PrC Cleared up the confusion on CL/ML gains and gaining levels in arcane caster class and manifester class at various levels. Revitalize has become a psionic enchantment only and is only done through sacrificing spells. Avangions are immune to the effects of being in the drain radius of Defiling magic (and a provided epic feat can allow all creatures within the avangions aura to be immune to the effects.) Spells have been modified significantly to allow the avangion at later stage to cast without most components, as well as allowing them to absorb magical items into themselves as permanent effects taking up the given slot. (as they are unable to use normal slotted items by the time they gain this ability.) However this also means that absorbing a new item into the same slot overwrites the old, thereby they lose the old one permanently. As well as giving mental bonuses instead of physical for size increases and numerous other changes. </ul>

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