The Burnt World of Athas - Couple of Things

Couple of Things Posted by flip almost 13 years ago First, a new announcement, and then two announcements that I should have made about two weeks ago ... A Monsters chapter has been released for DS3. This is not a full monstrous compendium, but rather a couple of preview monsters, which will be included in the back of the DS3 release, a la The Wanderer's Journal and the first printing of the 3e PHB. A full monsters document is under a Savage Species inspired review. The second announcement is that Nathan Guest (better known as NytCrawlr) has been accepted as a member of the senate. NytCrawlr has been working on monster conversions, and assisting in the editing of the DS3 documents for some time now. And the last announcement is that we've found someone to do layouts for us. While we're probably going to keep trying to release the preview documents in a relatively simple, uncluttered form (images tend to make the documents much bigger, fast) the final layout is now in capable hands.

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