The Burnt World of Athas - Fun in the Sun

This past weekend was a local gaming event known as GwenCon, hosted by Gwendolen Kestrel and her husband (my friend and co-worker) Andy Collins at their awesome home, Tindalos House. At this convention, it's customary to run some games that are just a little bit off of the norm, something you wouldn't normally play or run. Sure, some people run just straight up D&D, but it's also a chance to playtest your homebrew houserules, or run another game system you wouldn't normally run. Two years ago, I ran a Mutants & Masterminds adventure set in the Paragons setting. Last year, I ran a Marvel Super Heroes game using a heavily kitbashed 4th Edition D&D system. This year, I decided to go for something a little less prep-intensive, and I ran D&D 4th Edition; more specifically, I ran a Dark Sun adventure.

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