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Location references Posted in Setting about 7 years ago Thanks go to Kamelion for compiling this comprehensive list of location references in Dark Sun products released by Wizards of the Coast. Locations ABLATH DT 26 Tsalaxa trade village. AHPOTEX EAFW 60 Shrine of Air, west of Lake of Golden Dreams, in valley of Ringing Mountains. Home to Alicious Strax (C12.) ALTARUK WJ 75 Basic description. VA 88 Basic information. Veiled Alliance information. FM Maps, NPCs, notes, encounters. ARKHOLD WJ 80 Ruined village. AVEGDAAR VoDaF 18 Island in Sea of Silt. DC 16 More info (encounters, maps) BALIC WJ 67 Basic information. ST 12 The slave culture. VA 32 General city info. Alliance info. Alliance HQ at Zaethus Nauripides' villa. Leader is 8th level Preserver. EAFW 53 Templar notes. WatW 11 Notes on the Cerebran. Home to Psi 16th. MHoA Encounters in Balic, locations etc BITTER WELL WJ 77 Basic information. DC 73 Free village and trading post. Encounters and map given. BLACK ISLE, THE VoDaF 23 Isle in Sea of Silt. BLACK SAND RAIDERS, THE ST 49 Main description. Description of base in Tablelands, near Silver Spring. DC Full maps, NPC info and the dungeon beneath the camp. BLACK WATERS OASIS BW Whole adventure. BLEAK TOWER WJ 80 Ruin on shores of Sea of Silt. BODACH WJ 81 Ruined ancient city in inland Silt basin. CACHE, THE IT 31 Shadows stronghold. Full information. CHARVASS DC 6 Island in Sea of Silt. CLEARWATER ELVES DT 88 Clearwater Elven Market outside a city's walls. CROMLIN DT 17 Shom trading village. EAFW 15 Full information. DESVERENDI'S VALLEY AS Main description plus nice pictures. DC More descriptions & encounters. DHUURGHAZ VoDaF 18 Island in Sea of Silt. DC 12 More information (maps, encounters etc.) DRAGON'S CROWN MOUNTAINS DC A whole book on this place. DRAGON'S PALATE WJ 79 Island in Sea of Silt. DRAJ WJ 68 Basic information. ST 13 The slave culture. DT 40 Notes on the Dedys Consortium. VA 39 General city info. Alliance info. Alliance HQ beneath Tectuktitlay's Temple of Two Moons. Leader is 4th level Preserver (pretends 14th.) EAFW 54 Templar notes. WatW 12 Notes on the House of the Mind. FORT ADROS DT 6 Inika outpost. Supply point. FORT AMBER DT 31 Vordon outpost. Supply and storage. Run by Talara Vordon. FORT COURAGE DT 22 Stel outpost. Supply/military. FORT EBON DT 26 Tsalaxa outpost. Supply point. FORT FIRSTWATCH DT 11 M'ke outpost. Supply/storage. FORT FYRA IT 24 Trading fort of House Fyra. Full information. FORT GLAMIS DT 36 Wavir supply point. MHoA Descriptions, encounters. FORT HARBETH DT 6 Inika outpost. Supply/storage. IT 5 Full information. FORT INIX DT 17 Shom outpost. Supply/storage. IT 17 Full information. FORT IRON DT 22 Stel outpost. Supply/military. FORT ISUS DT 11 M'ke outpost. Supply/trading. FORT KALVIS DT 26 Tsalaxa outpost. Supply, storage and trading. FORT MELIDOR DT 17 Shom outpost. Supply/resort. MHoA Descriptions, maps, encounters, NPCs etc. FORT PROSPER DT 95 Wavir caravan stopover. Full maps and population. FORT SANDOL DT 22 Stel outpost. Trading post. FORT SKONZ DT 6 Inika outpost. Supply point. FORT SUNSET DT 17 Shom outpost. FORT THAMO DT 31 Vordon outpost. Supply/trading. FORT THETIS DT 36 Wavir supply and trading post. FORT XALIS DT 12 M'ke outpost. Major trading post, supply point, military base. FUME EAFW 61 Shrine of Fire, Crescent Forest, midway between Nibenay and Gulg. Home to Solzak (C12.) FREE, THE ST 22 Main description of The Hidden Village (in foothills above Great Alluvial Sand Wastes, between Tyr and Urik.) AS Encounter with the Free. GRACE EAFW 63 Shrine of Water, beneath Lake of Golden Dreams. Home to Strallowshax (C12.) GRAK'S POOL WJ 78 Basic information. VA 90 Veiled Alliance information. GROOMSH EAFW 67 Shrine to Magma in volcano bordering Lake Island. Home to Thyraximus (C13.) GUISTENAL WJ 81 Ruined city state. Basic info. EAFW Full information. GULG WJ 69 Basic information. ST 13 The slave culture. VA 48 General city info. Alliance info. Aukash-Pad's (W14th/C3rd) base at Shadow Tree. EAFW 54 Templar notes. WatW 13 Notes on the Seer Dagada. AG Descriptions, picture of Lalali-Puy and others, Gulg's dungeons, the Red Moon Hunt. IT Whole boxed set on Gulg. GUNGINWALD EAFW 59 Shrine of Earth in Ringing Mountains, north of Tyr. Home to Horth Araxis (C12.) ISLE OF ASH VoDaF 21 Isle in Sea of Silt. JALAKA DT 12 M'ke trade village. KALIDNAY WJ 81 Basic information. MHoA Ruined city state. Maps, encounters and loads of neat stuff. See also Ravenloft Forbidden Lore Boxed Set. KET VoDaF 18 Client village of Draj. KRIKIK'S PACK ST 43 Main description. Info on valley base in mountains north of Raam. Krikik is a 12th level Druid. LAKE ISLAND WJ 80 Basic information. DC 84 Island in Sea of Silt. Encounters and action. LAKE OF GOLDEN DREAMS WJ 77 Lake to west of Smoking Crown. LAKE PIT WJ 77 Lake in Dragon's Bowl. LAMNOS HOUSE DT 42 Unbased trading house. Often wears colours of greater houses. LEDO WJ 79 Giant island. LEDOPOLUS WJ 75 Basic information. WatW 14 Notes on Shardivan (Psi 26), ex-Order. LOST OASIS WJ 78 Basic information. VA 90 Information on Veiled Alliance hermit, Lionus, who lives there. Friends with Thri-Kreen druid Darwadala. LOSTHOME IT 47 Halfling base in Crescent Forest. Full information. MAKLA WJ 75 Basic information. WatW 15 Notes on Sanctuary of the Brotherhood of the Mind (psionic order.) MIRA'S HALO DT 31 Vordon outpost, owned under dummy House Qual. MORGHAZ VoDaF 18 Island in Sea of Silt. DC 22 More info. Maps, encounters. MOUNT SOLACE EAFW 65 Shrine to Sun in Mekillot Mts, overlooking Salt View. Home to Limrick the Mad (C12.) MOUNTAINS OF THE SUN VoDaF 21 Mountain range rising from the Sea of Silt. MUD PALACE, THE WJ 79 Mudflat with ancient tower. NIBENAY WJ 71 Basic information. ST 15 The slave culture. VA 59 General city info. Alliance info. Alliance HQ, adjacent to the Plain of Burning Water. Leader is Thagya Phon (Preserver 17th.) EAFW 54 Templar notes. EoA 48 Skysinger market in Nibenay's Hill District. WatW 16 Notes on the School of Augurs, the Chamber of Air, monasteries of the Exalted Path and Serene Bliss. AG Descriptions of the city, Nibenay's statue. MoN Masses of stuff on Nibenay, including meeting with king. IT Whole boxed set on Nibenay OGO WJ 76 Basic information. WatW 16 Notes on Teranya, Psi 13th/W(Ill)13th. OUTPOST 0 (Formerly 23) DC 40 Old Wavir outpost, now held by Halflings. OUTPOST 10 DT 36 Wavir trading post. OUTPOST 19 DT 36 Wavir trade point with Salt View. IT 11 Full information. POORTOOL'S HORDE IT 57 Raiding tribe. Full information. RAAM WJ 72 Basic information. ST 16 The slave culture VA 68 General city info. Alliance info. Alliance HQ at crematorium. Leader is Nanda Shatri (W20/Psi5.) EAFW 54 Templar notes. WatW 17 Notes on Psiumarkh, Yellow Monastery. RAIN TREE, THE EAFW 68 Shrine of Rain in Forest Ridge, just above southern slat flats. Home to Purhas Sympabane (C12.) RED OBELISK MHoA Small village near Balic. Encounters. RENYTHIS LEAGUE DT 42 Association of trading houses from all across Tyr region. RUMISH'S ROCK DT 26 Tsalaxa trading post. SALT VIEW WJ 76 Basic information. ST 34 Main description. Info on cave base in Mekillot Mts. DT 40 Notes on House Fyra. VA 89 Veiled Alliance information. IT 39 Full information. SHAULT VoDaF 19 Forested isle in the Sea of Silt. Home of Mearedes (D15th). SHAZLIM DT 6 Inika trade village. SHILLISA EAFW 64 Shrine of Silt on island in Sea of Silt, due south of Draj. Home to Kathak, C12/W(defiler)12. SILT ARCHIPELAGO VoDaF 22 Island chain in Sea of Silt. SILVER SPRING OASIS WJ 77 Basic information. EoA 65 Oasis run by Silver Hands elf tribe. AS Player map, encounters with elves + Black Sand Raiders. DC More notes. SIREN'S SONG WJ 79 Island in Sea of Silt. SORTAR'S ARMY ST 68 Main description. Description of camp in mountains near Altaruk. TARELON VoDaF 26 Ruined city in the Sea of Silt. Home of the Silt Raiders slave Tribe. TENPUG'S BAND ST 28 Main description. Info on their temple home 50 miles northeast of Nibenay. BS Lots more information on the tribe and their temple home. EAFW More information. TYR WJ 73 Basic information (mostly outdated.) DT 41 Notes on House Ianto. VA 23 General city info. Veiled Alliance info. Tyr Alliance HQ in Kalla-Kouro ruins (in NW Warrens). Leader is Mathias Morthen (18th level Preserver.) CSoT A whole book about Tyr. EAFW 55 Templar notes. WatW 19 Notes on School of Thought and on Orosto (non-school psion.) FR Maps, bars, Slave Pits, pictures et RtU Political factions in Tyr; lots of NPCs. FM Local neighbourhood descriptions on Tyr. URIK WJ 74 Basic information. ST 14 Description of a slave revolt. ST 16 The slave culture. DT 41 Notes on House Klethira. VA 77 General city info. Alliance info. Alliance HQs at Three Sister's Observatory and The King's Cup pottery shop. Leader was Morlak (Preserver 15th). Now split between Leoricus (14th) and Tania (12th). EAFW 55 Templar notes. WatW 19 Notes on the King's Academy and the Potter's School. AS Shops in Urik, the King's Cup pottery shop. DC Encounters, locations, Hamanu's Palace, audience with Hamanu, Hamanu's Arena. UTBO GROVE EoA 70 Sacred home of Water Hunter elf tribe. VANISHING LAKE, THE VoDaF 25 Lake in the Sea of Silt. Home of the Old One (18th level Druid.) WALIS WJ 76 Basic information. DT 39 Notes on House Ardian. WAVERLY WJ 80 Island in Sea of Silt. WERRIK'S STALKERS ST 61 Main description. No base (nomadic tribe.) AS Encounter with the Stalkers. YARAMUKE WJ 81 Basic information. BW Ruined city-state. Maps, encounters etc. Abbreviations AG – Asticlian Gambit AS – Arcane Shadows BS – Black Spine BW – Black Waters CbtSS– City by the Silt Sea CSoT – City State of Tyr DC – Dragon’s Crown DT – Dune Trader EAFW – Earth, Air, Fire & Water EoA – Elves of Athas FM – Forest Maker FR - Freedom IT – Ivory Triangle MHoA – Merchant House of Amketch MoN – Marauders of Nibenay RtU – Road to Urik ST – Slave Tribes VA – Veiled Alliance VoDaF – Valley of Dust and Fire WatW – Will and the Way WJ – Wanderer’s Journal Jon // Oracle

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