The Burnt World of Athas - Magic and Powers update

Magic and Powers update Posted by flip over 14 years ago I’ve just uploaded three fairly heavy updates: Magic: This is the most significantly altered chapter... Dropped the Harbinger system. Generally too clunky and too much labor (both to run, and to even begin to playtest) for too little gain. Something may appear later in an optional form, but it won't be a part of core. Altered the preserver / defiler system. Again, the previous version was too much work for too little gain. The new system manages to stay mostly out of the way, but still allows for fallen preservers. See the raze sequence in the Spells document .... Powers Removed the harbinger powers (see above) General pruning and clarification. Some powers have been signifigantly reworked. Some have vanished. Some new were added. Just reread the doc. ;) Spells Added the raze spell sequence

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