The Burnt World of Athas - Monsters

Monsters Posted by flip over 12 years ago A week or so ago, I uploaded a revision of the Monsters chapter. Nyt just sent me the list of revisions, and it's apparently more of an update than I'd thought it was (which is why I didn't mention anything at the time...) (From NytCrawlr) Revisions include: Edited skill to match the maximum ranks of HD 3 Edited layout of The Way sections to match PsiHB format Edited The Way sections to reflect what the psionic template gives in most instances. I left the tembo and jozhal alone in this area, because I felt it was appropriate, and added to compensate for others. Re-worked giant stats and adjusted stat blocks where appropriate; most of the giants are a bit tougher now, to match MM giants. Other format cleanup and editing Broke kank back up into brood queen, food producer and soldier. Changed food producer to worker, and made it match what a Medium-size version of the one in Terrors of the Dead Lands would be like, will post Terrors of the Dead Lands version in Terrors of Athas as the wild version of kank. Matched braxat attacks with its 12 HD instead of still being based on 16 HD.

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