The Burnt World of Athas - Pitted Rock Nikaal

The Pitted Rock and its oasis is the center of life for the reptilian nikaal people of the Southern Wastes. The purple scaled people range far and wide, often coming into conflict with the human Tamwar tribes over resources and differing ideology. Nikaal cannot stay long in one place or they suffer the psychic visions of their ancestors, forever tormenting them for their pasts. However; the Nikaal of the Pitted Rock bands always return to the Pitted Rock, a holy place for those of the region. Where the Tamwar people worship personified embodiments of the elements, the Nikaal of the Pitted Rock worship the Pitted Rock as a manifestation of Athasian Earth . Many important moments in a local nikaal's life happen at the Pitted Rock, from naming, coming of age, marriage, and often war cries or peace treaties. The nikaal of the region are beholden to the great spirit within the rock and when they pray to it their prayers seem to be occasionally answered.

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