The Burnt World of Athas - Project status update

Project status update Posted by Jon // Oracle over 9 years ago Q4 2005 saw the release of the long awaited conclusion to the Dregoth Ascending trilogy, as well as the Champion Template. By the end of Q1, we will have release updated versions of Whispers of the Storm and Dregoth Ascending parts I and II. Other projects are under way, some of which will see the light of day in Q2. Secrets of the Dead Lands: Now that Dregoth Ascending has been released, time has come to complete Secrets of the Dead Lands - the second unfinished Dark Sun project which was given to from Wizards of the Coast. A project group consisting of the senate and some of our friends at Dark Sun Brazil has been appointed to complete the project. Advanced Beings: We still have some work to do on avangions, but there has been a welcome increase of pace lately. The end result will be worth waiting for. Terrors of Athas update: The Monster Bureau is still working on an updated version of Terrors of Athas. They're perfectionists, which is why it hasn't been released yet. Equipment project: Our Athasian variant of the Arms and Equipment guide is being reviewed internally before it is released for public playtesting. Product updates: With all the adventures updated to the latest DS rules iteration, City-State of Draj remains. Other projects: The Emissary, Lost Cities. These projects are either put on hold, or progressing slowly. We're looking for artists that can provide us free art for our projects. E-mail for details if you want to help us keep Athas alive and illustrated.

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