The Burnt World of Athas - Something to sink your teeth into

Something to sink your teeth into Posted by flip over 13 years ago There’s a release of the DS3.5 updated document available. This is not a final release … more of a “request for comments” publication. There are no images included in the doc, and I figured out how to not make the background destroy the file size, so it’s a much more reasonable document this time around. What we're looking for: Commentary on the document, with an eye towards 3.5 compatability. There are some notes on the release page that should give you a heads up about what we're already aware of. Once again, this is not a final release. The final release will have all those pretty pictures, and a better introductory chapter. Really. On a tangental note, the Monsters document is just waiting on a few more monsters (paraelemental beasts, IIRC) before it gets a simmilar treatment: Intensive internal review, a couple of preview comment releases, followed by a finalized publication. Gab's the one to pester about timelines for that document.

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