The Burnt World of Athas - The Silt Slough

Created by a spring that flows from the Feathered Crags, the Silt Slough is one of the most dangerous areas in the Southern Estuary. In the west, where the stream flows from the mountains of the Feathered Crags and the land is firm, the area is a verdant paradise compared to most of Athas. A deep ravine descends from the mountains through the rocky badlands north east toward the Sea of Silt. The ravine is steep on both sides, making it difficult to access, even though precious water runs its length. As the land levels out the ravine was long ago choked with sand and silt, causing a silt bog or mud flat to be created. This Silt Slough extends miles brushing up against the falling walls of Celik to the Sea of Silt where the dust greedily sucks up the life giving water.

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