The Burnt World of Athas - Updated Dragons, Champion of Rajaat

Updated Dragons, Champion of Rajaat Posted by flip almost 10 years ago The Dragon advanced being rules have been updated, as has the Champion of Rajaat template. Champion of Rajaat changes include: Include the inadvertantly omitted ability score adjustments Fire Resistance 5 has been removed Dread strike has been replaced with Genocidal Focus, which effects both spells and physical attacks Regeneration has been reducted to 10. Fire and acid has been changed to sonic and cold. Transmutation immunity has been grouped with the other immunities explicitly state that any immunity may be voluntarily lowered CR and LA have been adjusted Orb of Energy storing has been adjusted Changes to the Dragon PrC include: References to Energy Storing as a class feature have been removed. Duplex has been changed with All-out attack Spellcaster level progression is now in both manifester and spellcater, rather than forcing a choice. The defiler metamorphasis mitigating factor has been changed from an XP burn to a sacrifice of 1000 HD of living creatures.

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