The Burnt World of Athas - Updated Mystic (Psionics) playtest

Updated Mystic (Psionics) playtest Posted by flip 9 months ago Wizards has updated the playtest document for the 5e Mystic class. Take a look at it here. updates include: The class now goes to 10th level. The core concepts had enough support that we feel confident moving forward with them. Psionics is more flexible. You have a psychic focus, which allows you to pick one discipline and gain a constant, special benefit from it. Otherwise, you can expend points to use any discipline you know. Psionics now includes psionic talents, the equivalent of a spellcaster’s cantrips. Psionic disciplines are now available to all mystics, regardless of mystic order. However, your order grants you a benefit for using its associated disciplines.

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