The Might of Altar

At the dawn of the Sorcerer-Kings, there was the Altar-Empire, ruled by the Seven: seven powerful half-Elven Sorcerers that sought immortality.

Altar: a mighty city-state, that rules the Vale of Tyr.
The Sea of An: the major trade-route to the other city-states.
The Golden-Tower: The home of the Sorcerer Salak.
The Hinterlands: scrub-plains;full of game.
Kharon’s Villa: The resort-home of a successful merchant-prince from Altar.
Salta: A village based around an abandoned Kreen-hive.
The Vale of Tyr: a cool valley full of water that many nobles take their vacations at.

Character Creation: 3d6 IN ORDER (Just kidding); any 3-18 rolling or points, system. It’s up to the DM; no 20’s in stats yet for traditional races (Human, dwarf, elf etc., but, half-giants, muls, thri-kreen, pterrans, CAN, roll the normal Dark-Sun way) Everyone starts out at first-level. Pscionics not as prevalent. Defilers very rare.

The first diorama:

The Map of the region*

*This map was difficult for me to produce; I have three image-editing programs and like, in Adobe BE, it didn’t read the Tablelands Font, or in Adobe 4, it would read the font, but crash when I saved: I used GIMP mostly,but, I go online, see a tutorial, like, how to change the brush sizes; I open the dialog, and alas, it won’t let me change the brush-sizes; sigh: the map is not to my liking.

I used Athasian tool kit for the forest; I hand-drew the stony-barrens, mountains, scrubs and badlands (now rolling-hills).