The New Athasian Cartographer's Guild Maps are Here!

Greetings fellow dwellers of the wastes!

It’s been a while since we posted anything from the Pristine Tower Development group. But silence does not mean we have not been busy.

Today I want to share with you the first release from a project particularly dear to my heart – the updating of the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild’s maps!

Since I was lured back into Dark Sun by the ACG’s magnificent map series, I’ve discovered this site has been a major touchstone of the Dark Sun community for over 20 years, and it seems to have inspired subsequent generations of mapmakers and lore writers to expound upon the many mysteries it created.

Working together with the site’s owner @Greyorm himself as well as our own wonderful mapmaking team, we’ve started updating both the website and all of the map tiles therein (lovingly crafted in zoomable vector graphics by the extraordinary @Avangion). After many long months of work, we’re finally ready to release the first maps for you in the community to try out:

In the link below you can now find .png and zoomable .pdf files of the newest versions of the ACG world map tiles.

These are but the first of many.

The locations of these first three map tiles in the folder are indicated on the continental outline map also included, which depicts both the Pristine Continent (which the lore team at the Pristine Tower Dev Group have since dubbed Uran) and its neighbouring continent Anattan.

Of course, the only reason we do this is to make your own gaming experiences better. So your own feedback on these creations is important. We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions.

With your help in the community as well as our own diligent comparisons of all available maps we have been able to find, we are aiming to assemble as close to a definitive world map for Athas as possible, incorporating both canon as well as popular fanon from all editions.

Enjoy an ever widening view of the world!


@Avangion here. Please give me any feedback you can to correct errors on or otherwise improve these maps. So far these two errors were discovered. I’ve corrected them on my working files, but haven’t output and shared yet because I want to give time to discover and correct more issues before doing so. (Note I may be missing certain labels, please point them out if you think they should be included on these maps, but there are limitations of size and scaling that prevent the inclusion of all labels at this scale)

  1. D5 Eastern most island in the estuary was missing, estuary label was covering Southwestern most island.
  2. Area around Trade Nest and Moonrunners Rest was the wrong terrain type. Fixed to be scrub plains. Also small patch on the island with Malthy was incorrect.

As an update, we’ve just added tile C5 to the set. It’s not 100% completely defined by any of the source contents we have, so we’ve left a “fog of war” over the unfinished section pending more information.

For future reference, this is the map tile reference, assuming the Tablelands are tile D5:


Where are the Hinterlands from the Original Boxed Set?

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Top left corner of D5.

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Really appreciate the work. Any chance you have naked versions planned?

Without markings? Indeed we have.

We’ve just released an update of the maps with some tiles available without labels!


Thank you! This is absolutely insane. As an avid world builder and map porn lover, I can’t describe the joy this brings me. FYI I use the naked versions as a basis to build maps for exploration in Foundry. I’m still learning foundry and building out the content, but my hope is to be able to share my work for others once complete.


I do the same, put the unmarked map as the overlay for World Explorer mod in Foundry. I setup the maps with hexes and use the marked up map as the revealed layer as the party explores. Can add some fog of war and use the vision distances on a party token to only reveal so much of the map at a time.

Fantastic maps Athasian Cartographer’s Guild!