The Oasis of Stone Well

Hello everyone,

I’ve just returned to the Dark Sun campaign setting, and I’m wrapping my head around all the excellent material available from

Could someone help me out by pointing me in the direction of any source material for the Stone Well oasis south of Kurn on the road to Azeth’s Rest?


Welcome back to Athas!

Hmm, i didn’t find any references to Stone Well in the Revised Setting, so it looks like it just appears in FFN and the upcoming Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains, as far as i can tell.


Fanon from (BWOA public share version of) Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains:

“Stone Well
Sixty miles west of South Guard, between the Chugak Barrens and the Trembling Plains, lies a natural water catchment, a wide circular pit in more than 50 feet across and almost 100 feet deep. Whenever it rains, water gathers in the hole, sometimes to a depth of more than 2 feet. The tareks use the water in Stone Well by lowering bone buckets, which they hide under stones when they are not in the area. How Stone Well was formed, or who made it, is unknown. But there are several cracks or slit fissures in the walls of the well, which may lead to passages in the stone below the rocky barrens. Nagukuz Tarek legend holds that these passages lead to the pits of the Earth lords, an area they wish to avoid as the tribe generally adheres to the faith of Water.”


Thank you very much for this. It really helps.