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Rajaat can know also other sources of magic. His plan, after genocides, should have next steps with use great energy. Still we dont know how revitalize silt on a large scale and energy of life from whole world can be insufficient. Because silt work, how work, revitalization should be done total in one moment. This isn’t available even for avangions.

We also should remember, that during return (after death of Borys) he made many non-natural things (magic) without defiling and prisoned by ages in the Hollow (lack of knowed sources of energy for magic).

Alternative option can be situation, when Rajaat know method to apotheosis and massive genocides is necessary for this method or too great number of living beings in world lock this method.

I would imagine he has a mastery of all (five, in 3e rules) of the “magic schools” (Graycasting, Shadow/Sun Magic, Cerulean Magic, Preserving, and Defiling)

Interesting to see what you guys are working on.
Looking forward to Dwarves of Athas


Hey all.

I’ve just updated the Bounty Board. Now you can find a specific list of Gazetteers we intend to make. These are books which will be larger than an article, but smaller than a full book.

I’ve also added a couple more books to the list, such as Rovewin’s Stargazers of Athas (now in production).


Is the process for claiming a project as simple as declaring it and getting to work? What about the Bandit States project specifically, since it has lead already maybe? Also, are the gazetteers treated differently? I’d love to do the Ledopolus one :smiley:

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Well, it’s about declaring your intention and talking with the team, sussing out where your strengths are and figuring out where we can support. The biggest reason we’ve found why so many projects don’t reach the finish line is because individuals get stuck and lose momentum, and we want to do what we can to avoid that.

We’ll talk more in the Tower.