The Official Open Projects Bounty Board!

Hello all!

As many of you already know, the development team and I have been chipping away at the deep backlog of unfinished Dark Sun netbooks and other projects left since the early days of the Burnt World of Athas website.

As we’ve been finally finishing and releasing some of these projects at last, a floodgate seems to have opened. We have been discovering lost copies of all sorts of wonderful things, many of which are unfinished.

This is where we are now running into a bit of a problem-- the queue for possible projects seems to be getting longer and longer.

I’ve made a full list at this google drive link of every outstanding project, as well as showing our substantial current production queue.

I’m sharing this with you all along with an open call to arms: if you have the time, desire, and ideas to make one of these projects happen, contact us and we can support you!

Simply contact me via PM to find out more.


Pristine Tower group?

That’s what the group is calling ourselves (mostly just in the Discord).

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