The original Dark Sun boxed set up back up for print on demand for soft or hardcover!

$9.99 Watermarked PDF

$18.99 Softcover, Standard Color Book

$23.99 Hardcover, Standard Color book

$18.99 Watermarked PDF + Softcover, Standard Color Book

$23.99 Watermarked PDF + Hardcover, Standard Color Book


nice! that will come in handy for those completionists and for those who don’t want to track down an original but would like to have access to the info.


I bought one. I have two of the original box sets, but they’re both looking shabby.

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I take it they don’t come with the spiral bind flip books.

Nope, they’re litterally all bound together in one book, including the maps.

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Ouch… did they at least give enough whitespace for the maps to be cut free if so desired?

It has been a very long time since I had seen Dark Sun but I have fond memories of it. I saw this announcement and I was wondering to hear from people who have purchased the reprint concerning the maps. I understand that they have been bound into the book but what about the PDF that accompany the book? Are they printable from there or is the scale wrong/shrunk?

Can someone with the original maps measure them to see what size they should be printed?

Thanks for your time

The digital maps are in 8.5x11 printable format.

Is this a good place to get all the 2nd Edition Dark Sun info on psionics? I’m trying to reverse engineer the SSI games and having the official rules is easier then deciphering assembly

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Paul - check your personal messages.

Got my hardback copy through this morning. Between that and running DSQ2 online last weekend for my players, I’m really appreciating having a standard book instead of the flip book format DS pioneered. How’s that attitude for ‘Dark Sun Heresy’? :wink:


I ordered mine through DTRPG but I am not sure when it is going to arrive. How long did you have wait before you received your hardback?



Thanks for the information. It seems that they would be pretty small since the original maps were much bigger. I was hoping that they would be scalable or broken into sections so that cold print a larger map.


I’m in the UK and it took about a week for it to be printed, posted, and then received through the mail. Pretty good timing I thought.

I got mine after about a month, but it was the first day it was offered, then they took it down for a while, so not sure if that’s why it was longer.

When you order it, you can get the PDF too, and you can print and stitch that together.