The original TSR / Wizard MAP Creator Programm

Hey Folks,

anybody knows wich Programm TSR / Wizard are use to paint the Maps? I have try some Painting Programms but i get no satisfaction with it.

Thy Kiraz


As far as I know, the original Dark Sun maps were hand drawn by Diesel. I don’t know about the maps of the revised campaign settings.
The map of the Sundra Peninsula (done by Virgil Cole, I think), quite close to the original maps was done in a drawing software (Photoshop ?) but not a dedicated software. And the maps by Brian Sanchez were also done with Photoshop.

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Not directly related to the question, but I find that Inkarnate is a nice map drawing tool for the amateur untalented artist (which certainly describes me).

I have the bit-maps I used to reproduce Diesel’s work; I used photoshop 1 BE for the base and clear background bit-map icons for things like mountains, city-state and ringing-forests.