The original TSR / Wizard MAP Creator Programm

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anybody knows wich Programm TSR / Wizard are use to paint the Maps? I have try some Painting Programms but i get no satisfaction with it.

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As far as I know, the original Dark Sun maps were hand drawn by Diesel. I don’t know about the maps of the revised campaign settings.
The map of the Sundra Peninsula (done by Virgil Cole, I think), quite close to the original maps was done in a drawing software (Photoshop ?) but not a dedicated software. And the maps by Brian Sanchez were also done with Photoshop.

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Not directly related to the question, but I find that Inkarnate is a nice map drawing tool for the amateur untalented artist (which certainly describes me).

I have the bit-maps I used to reproduce Diesel’s work; I used photoshop 1 BE for the base and clear background bit-map icons for things like mountains, city-state and ringing-forests.

I need to upload those icons on a FTP server or something; also, there was someone else that created icons for 3e via Photoshop; I have them somewhere. I’m thinking of simply cutting and pasting images from the original Dark Sun Map.

Also, I found this thread because Diesel also did the maps for TSR’s Conan game; so, if anyone wants to know what’s beyond the Tyr-Region, it’s Hyperborea, and I don’t think Conan would last long in the Tablelands.

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I have icons, patterns, and a font I created that pretty closely reproduce Diesel’s old maps using vectors. Some of the variation is lost of course and you have to create some additional effects using blends and transparency to deal with the salt flats well and blend terrain into each other if you don’t want hard edges between them.

Do you happen to have any maps you’ve made besides the Kalidnay one? It’s great.