The Soul of the Weak

While searching infos about Nibenay, I found one occurence (on dark sun wiki fandom) about a “tool or Equipment” named the “Soul of the Weak”. I don’t know what it is or what it does. Is it a weapon or some sort of artifact ? Does anyone has informations about it ?


I have not heard of it. I just did a search for the term in the 2e and 3e books and didn’t turn up anything. It may be just fannon.

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I’m also not finding it in the main 4e material. It’s possible there is someone in a novel or game or magazine article.

A google search for the term only returns the website you mention. However, the item mentioned is all lowercase as though perhaps it is not the name of a specific item.

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Might just be tongue-in-cheek reference to defiling.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Then I’ll manage something in my campaing. I really like the name.

Well, let us know what you come up with (probably after you run those games or whatever), so we can all inspired by it! :wink:

Sure, I’ll let you know. I just have a fuzzy idea about it for now but my party is on the way to follow a quest about the ancient gnomes of Athas (hello Deadlands !).
Since Nibenay is the Bane of Gnomes, I think it will be some sort of gnomish artifact, or weapon, kept by the to-become sorcerer-king after the cleasing wars (maybe something that ghosts or undead gnomes will want to recover).
The quest is not yet started (the party still have to figure out how to use an object they found that will lead them on the path), so I have quite a bit of time ahead to think about it.


Sounds very cool, can’t wait!

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