The State of the IP

It looks like basically nothing has been published since 2010 and the only recent Wizards (are they still “Wizards of the Coast”?) “activity” was AoA, concluding in 2013. I checked the Wizards site and any DSun info is scarce to come by. I can’t even find their 4th Ed stuff. Nothing on… just a link to GOG.

What are the rumors from Wizards as to what they intend to do with the IP? Anything coming up? I’m not seeing anything. Nothing for 5th Ed, is that right?

How is it that is able to publish documents that use “likenesses” and terms from DSun when Wizards seems yet to be clinging to the copyright (despite not doing anything with it)? Fair use it a tough one. I wonder what else can be done under fair use considering nothing is coming out of Wizards.

I’m sure one of the Tenplatate can explain it better but basicaply 3E was built on an open game license which lets anyone who abides by the OGL to produce DnD materials (for 3E at least) - hence Pathfinder. was also designated the official fan site for DS in 3E which meant they got to do things with a quasi official imprimatur- and they were given the task of updating and publishing Dregoth Ascending and Secrets of the Dead Lands (are we close to piblication on SotDL yet guys? Please?).
4E was completely in house to Wizards as they own the IP so that means unless they switch tack no one can do 5E DS without their consent.
Did i get this right?


This is the first I’ve heard of the OGL. That is quite interesting. I wonder if it can somehow be used for Dark Sun Online. I am not a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination.