Thoughts on how to say yes but

Fellow DS Dms my pcs have thrown me a bit of a curveball. Ive run a sandbox game for 80+ sessions and my pcs are level 10. In 3 days of game time the armies of Urick will ride out to attack Tyr. The pcs are aware of the parade. I had intended for them to see this and feel more confident working within Urick. Sort of a cats away senario. They instead of taking any of the options available chose this.

I quote "It’s extreme but I think we’d like to influence the war a bit and usher in a new age in Urick:

Go to the undead brother and sister locked under the city…negotiate and release them on the day of the parade. Our hope is that they ravage a large chunk of the army. We also plan to attempt at getting the water vampires to feed that day as well. Possibly even reach out to the extremist side of the VA to also act that day. To compensate, we plan on notifying all friends and allies in the city to not attend the games and preferably be out of the city that day. Matt and Steph are working on a admin list of things we need to do for palmhaven to keep operations going (food, etc.) while also looking to find ways to keep folks away from palmhaven if the war comes through our area."

For context, The undead are two children of Tectuktitlay captured by Hamanu and turned into Morgs. He uses them to guard a vault he has long forgotten about. They are mad with revenge. Due to the length of time for their imprisonment I stated that they with great force of will can temporarily break Hamanus contol over them. But are still confined by Magical wards to the location within the undercity.

Now my concern is they are gravely overestimating the strength of the Morg, and thier ability to influence the war with this tactic. Hamanu is going to be leading the parade the morg and any additional allies are not going to last long. But I wouldn’t like to influence thier creativity with fearmongering. What are some good yes but answers.

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If that’s what they want to do, and are just misinterpreting thr info you’ve given them (the power of the undead siblings), I’d just go through with it and they can deal with the fallout.

Screw-ups make for even better plot hooks than successes.


Oh I plan to but im unsure of how hard to drop the hammer. Im leaning towards having ether the Morgs hurt Hamanu slightly before they are destroyed by him. OR he takes control of them and uses them against tyr. Im going to have this result in the entire extremist faction of the Veiled Alliance get wiped out.

I just want them to somehow “win” but also lose without seemingly being to draconian.

Also is anyone familiar with the size of the Ukrite army. I was looking for numbers and troop types.


Alright, so then maybe the Morgs are reasonably successful at tearing up the army before Hamanu whoops them senseless - not annihilate the army, but maybe cut a satisfyingly large red swathe through it.

Hamanu re-enslaving thr Morgs might be more interesting in the long-term than destroying them (its a shame to throw away a good NPC). Perhaps evwn sending the Morgs after the PCs when he’s done with Tyr or whatever.


If Hamanu takes control of the morgs then Hamanu can make the morgs spill the beans about whatever the PCs are doing (as much as the morgs know, that is).