Thoughts on my Fire Clerics Pcs request

HELP sages!!

My pc a fire cleric communing with the element of fire asked these questions. His words in our discord. (They are preparing to besiege a fire Drake in a volcanic caldera.)

“Can I be effective vs a Fire Drake? What tools do those of us who take your path use to battle the element we embrace? Would another element lend me aid of their tools to change my use of fire for the purpose of the coming battle? In summary, how can I help keep balance vs an element which is the same as mine and will do no harm to it?”

Looking for options he may have using a 5e conversion. Was thinking of giving him a temp boon to allow him to use his channel divinity to stop immunity or turn imminity to resistance? That seems kinda basic. Any other thoughts, opinions?

He doesn’t have to directly affect the fire drake to be effective in the battle. He could be a more supportive role aiding the rest of the party or use spells that aren’t fire based against the drake.

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Yeah i thought that. His cleric leans harder towards summons and direct damage. Don’t know if he would feel good about being a support role.

Another thought I had was maybe he could temporarily become a acolyte for another element say Earth or Magma then be forced to do a cleansing rutual to rejoin fire again.

Im just not sure what elements work in enough of a alignment with fire to make that realistic.