Thoughts on Pyreens

Short & sweet post: what are your examples (plural) that come to mind when I ask what a pyreen reminds you of? Cinematographic and literary examples, please.

Gandalf, for his joy in the simpler, truer things of life, steming from his own long life

Lorien, the First One, from Babylon 5, for his take on immortality and love

Plus, have you cracked the naming schemes for pyreens? Looks to me like a mashup of arabic and jewish names, and with an apostrophe in it.

Named pyreens:
Alar Ch’Aranol - leader of the Peace-bringers, M (DSMC1)
Kal Al’Arnok, F (Beyond the Prism Pentad)
Lyra Al’Kali, F (The Outcast)
Tyra Al’Kali, F (The Outcast), mother of Lyra

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On fast… Medivh from Warcraft 3 (idk how he work in WoW)

He comes out of nowhere, carries warnings and advice, but does not act directly, if someone is not listening, he runs away like a shapeshifter.

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