Tim Brown on Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Podcast this week

Earlier this month we spoke with a Dark Sun luminary, later this week we get to speak with one of the co-designers Tim Brown! Tim not only designed Dark Sun but had his hands in a bunch of D&D products and he later put out his Dragon Kings setting and is now the studio head at Ulisses North America for games like TORG, Warhammer 40k: Wrath & Glory and other great games.

What questions do you have for Tim about Dark Sun or his other projects?

Check out his previous work here (there’s a lot!):


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I want to know:

¤ What is the Blue Shrine?
¤ What is the Great One?
¤ Was another Dragon ever planned in another region, if so how was it different?
¤ Was the Tarrasque ever considered?
¤ What were the culture of the lost city-states like, were they even considered?
¤ Who is The Wanderer? What is his class/power level, is he still alive, how old is he, and did he ever accomplish some great deed that changed something radically?
¤ Did they ever want to expand (release products) beyond the Tablelands and the Forgotten North? If so, then where to, West, South, or East, and what ideas did they have?

Edit: By these questions i mean beyond the basics of what we already have.


What was his favorite project that never got published