Time saving for overworked DM

Hi folks!

I have just started planning my first return to Athas since 1992! Planning on using the Pathfinder rules. But while in 1992 I had lots of time on my hands, todays situation is vastly different. Therefore I am looking for ways of saving time. And in both 3.5 and Pathfinder I find the most timeconsuming part being making NPCs, especially at higher levels.

So my questions is; anybody know of resources where I can find pre-made NPCs? Especially from the more exotic races and classes uniqe to Dark Sun.

There are a lot of sample NPCs (probably from the books) in Dark Sun 3 on the Athas.org product page. Also, there is a supplement called villages of the wastes with a number of pre-made NPC’s and, well, villages. However, their stats are drawn up according to second edition rules rather than 3.5 like the Dark Sun 3.

Dark Sun 3 also has 3 new character classes unique to Dark Sun (templar, gladiator, and psionic adept if I remember correctly), and plenty of adaptations for the other character classes. Likewise, it has re-writes of pre-existing races and the new race Pterran (well, new to the edition, anyways).

Terrors of Athas is a good resource for 3.5 athasian monsters, and even has a list of monsters from other texts that would work in the setting.

If you need help with ideas, please ask.

Thank you ProfessoZik!
Many very good NPCs and monsters there. The time it takes to make NPCs in the newer editions is daunting, especially at higher levels. Would much rather spend time making the story.

There are a few adventueres there too. Know where I can find more?

Try “Last Stand at Outpost Three” in the dungeon magazine. It’s a good starter. It’s on the issue from May 4th, 2004.

The adventures in Athas.org are Whispers of the Storm (Levels 3 - 5), Tyrian Conspiracy (Levels 5-7), and Dregoth Ascending (levels 12 - 18)

Also, I am working on an adaptation for Expedition to the Barrier Peaks here on the arena, if you would like to check it out

This is the very frustrating side of 3.5 and Pathfinder. Even if you come up with a stat block, making sure that it is actually correct is very hard.

There are quite a stat blocks here that could be adapted for Dark Sun.


No guarantee as to how correct they are, though.

Try the Faces of the Forgotten North on athas.org. It is filled with NPCs.