Timeline of Athas

We have a copy of the timeline of athas on site. This was originally crafted by Kevin Melka, back in the DS2 era.

We have added a few things to it, but it’s been largely unchanged since the DS2 era. Which means that we havn’t added anything from the 4e run.

I’m going to be doing some work on cleaning up the presentation of it; while I’m “in” there, I’d like to make a number of updates. Part of that will include getting the events of the DS4 timeline noted. I’m not necessarily sure that anything actually goes to the level of alternate history. Can anyone tell me if the 4e timeline negates anything in the established Prism Pentad timeline?

I’d also like to add sourcing information to the timeline, so you’ll be able to see where to find out more about a given event. That will likely be something I’ll be looking for help on, as it’s likely very easy to miss things going forward.

4e Dark Sun starts at the time of Kalaks death and never really moves forward any appreciable amount of time. There shouldn’t be any new details as far as I know.

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@raddu and @flip as part of my helping with the Dead Lands accessory I am working on the timeline of the Dead Lands.

I wanted to both volunteer to help out with what @raddu offered/suggest almost 6 years ago and also to give some feedback on a few incongruities I found within the timeline by going through it.

I will list those incongruities here.

Dregoth’s 1st and 2nd generation Dray creation dates are nonsensical.

  • 168th King’s Age, in the year of Desert’s Fury (Free Year -1684) lists Dregoth creating the 1st gen Dray
  • 168th King’s Age, in the year of Guthay’s Fury (Free Year -1698) lists Dregoth creating the 2nd gen Dray
  • Given the Free Year accounting: Now unless he can timetravel and went back to undo his 1st Gen by creating the 2nd Gen before this does not make sense at all of course
  • I therefore propose the year Dregoth created the 2nd gen Dray to be in the 169th King’s Age, in the year of Guthay’s Fury, corresponding to Free Year -1621
  • This accords with canon since City by the Silt Sea mentions on page 93: “More years passed, and another generation of humans died out. The experiments continued, and eventually Dregoth was ready to try again. This time he succeeded. The second generation dray were born.”

Dregoth’s timetraveling antics with the Planar Gate?

  • 168th King’s Age, in the year of Guthay’s Slumber (Free Year -1555) lists Dregoth discovering the planar gate and studying it for 10 years before going to the Outer Planes for the next 19 centuries but …
  • 190th King’s Age, in the year of Friend’s Agitation (Free Year 10) lists Dregoth returning, having not been away for 19 centuries (unless time dilating or some such weird time thing happening to him) but only for (FY -1555 to FY 10 is 1565 years, subtracting the years researching coming to 1555 years away) 15 1/2 centuries.

Yeah that last one is more nitpicky but a timeline should be factually correct imho.


Great find!

I propose we count forward, 14 years from Desert’s Fury in the 168th’s kings age which is Dragon’s Fury -1670

Regarding the 19th Centuries of Dregoth, I agree it should be 15 and a half centuries.