Timeline question - Tierna

When was the Periapt of Tierna created?

Will and the Way pg 59 says 200 years ago.

Psionic Artifacts of Athas pg 107 says 2,000 years ago.

That appears to be a type of one 0. But which one. My version of the Will and the Way is a word version that TSR had offered on their website years ago. It is not a direct scan, like those offered on the DM guild. So it is possible it is an error when the Word doc was created. Does anyone have the original WatW? Does it say 200 years or 2,000? I am more inclined to believe WatW but want to make sure I have the accurate one.

My pdf version of tWatW says 200 years. I no longer have the hard copy to compare with. I’d go with tWatW version as to be honest as thats more likely to be remembered in a world where written histories are almost non existent. You could always have the 2000 years as a garbled oral history or one person’s faulty remembrance of it if you want to reconcile the two.