Tithian's Regrets

Stripped of his body, Tithian spends an eternity in the Hollow, where time is meaningless. For a while (as much as “a while” means anything in a timeless eternity) Rajaat is with him. I would imagine that so long as he was with Rajaat he would have been spinning his Tithian web, angling for power and such. Going with the assumption that Hamanu DOES in fact end Rajaat for good in RaFoaDK, Tithian would then be alone.

When you’re alone for an eternity, I would think that eventually you would get around to thinking about “how it all went wrong” and eventually, to taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. And maybe even starting to regret some of the awfully crummy things you did.


I was wondering if the folks on this site could help me compile a list of Tithian’s Greatest Hits of You-Know-What-Baggery.

Specifics, not generalizations.

Like, he used and killed his friend Agis. Specific. Not “he used and was responsible for a ton of peoples’ deaths.”

Not taking the Dark Lens and running would be a big regret. If he had patience, with the resources available to him as the King of Tyr and the power of the Dark Lens, he would have been able to become immortal on his own account.

I agree. Maybe Tithian wouldn’t never become a “true” Sorcerer King. But with the Dark Lens’ power, ages of training, etc he could’ve become as powerful as one of them.
But I think that Tithian’s course of actions was part due to his ambition, and part due to Sacha and Wyan’s influence (they decieved him, making Tithian think that Rajaat would’ve granted all his wishes).

Siding with this party of miserable pile of lies. He should have known half-breeds are not to be trusted.

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He sold his cousin Neeva into slavery (although that’s apocrypha). Apparently he’s responsible for his older sister’s death? He was responsible for the destruction of Kled and the loss of the dwarves history. Wasn’t there that slave kid he fed to a tiny worm? He murdered that entire village when he had the lens and hid in a well.

There’s an old TSR module “The Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils.” Basically, on the ethereal plane, is a trapped entity. That entity turns out to be a combination of the old Greyhawk villain Baron Lum and the Machine named after him that has gained a form of sentience for itself.

The adventure starts with the characters living through creepy dreamworld versions of Baron Lum’s formative years and experiences, and then with running fetch quests among the planes for the Machine (possibly in the furtherance of its burgeoning sentience and exploring its capacity for free will and self-determination).

My plan: use the whole thing, but swap Tithian for Lum, ditch the machine, replace the Hollow for the vortex of madness. Players run through Tithian’s greatest hits of formative memories.

At the end of the original adventure, the Machine finally lets Lum loose (it had him trapped within itself and was feeding off / in a symbiotic relationship with him), and he attempts to commit suicide-by-PC, driven insane by the experience. There was the opportunity for the PCs to rehabilitate him, and maybe he learned from the experience?

Here, Tithian would have learned from his experience and ultimately take the part of a mentor for the players.