Total Drama Dark Sun?

Pure silliness. This is the kind of thing I do to pass the time. At work. When bored.

  1. Select all the player appropriate races from Athas.
  2. Using Pathfinder I select all appropriate classes.
  3. Then I select characters from a series. In this case, the Total Drama franchise. I only let myself use each race once before I reuse any. Each class can only be taken once.
  4. Then I torment people who have better uses of their time. Ask them what they think of my list!

I will admit, I couldn’t decide which TDI character would make a good thri kreen.

D - Aaracokra Alchemist

Ezekial- 1st Gen Dray, Magma Cleric

Alejandro- Dray 2nd Gen, Cavalier

Shawn- Dwarven ranger vs undead

Brick- Dwarven Monk

Scarlett- Elven Defiler

Jasmine- Elven Druid

Gwen- Half Elven Gladiator

Dawn- Half Elven Wilder

Izzy- Halfling Psychic Warrior

Owen- Half Giant Barbarian

Crimson- Human Psion

Noah- Human Preserver

Courtney- Human Templar

Ella- Jozhal Bard

Ennui- Kenku Oracle

Lightning- Mul Brawler

Duncan- Mul Rogue

Scott- Tari Slayer

Geoff- Ssurran Hunter