Tracking down the artist who painted a particular image

Hello everyone.

I’ve been asking around to try to find the origin of a particular pterran drawing that seems to have been floating around for decades.

Does anyone have any idea of the name of the creator of this image?


I have found the person

See your PM


Would like to see more of that artist.

UPDATE: The artist has been confirmed as João Bosco Ferreira, and the image was made in 2005.

So whether he is still working or not is open to speculation. I’ve tried reaching out. We’ll see…


I had contacted him several years ago, and he was very responsive to me at the time. But he only spoke Portuguese - so I had to rely on Google Translate. I definitely loved his work too!!


Brilliant. I sent him a message a week ago with no luck.

Perchance, do you have any contact info? I’d like to ask his permission to use his work in our publication.

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I sent you a PM. Hopefully it went thru.

On a hunch, I did some googling… maybe the same guy?


I suppose it’s worth a try.

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