Travel Times on the Tablelands?

I have seen all kinds of mention about how long it takes to travel from place to place on the Tablelands from 9 days to a month for nearly the same distance between different City States. But nothing really concrete. Right now I am using faster travel times for the established trade routes “Tyr to Urik” etc, and double that for less established routes.

Anyone have any ideas on where to find more solid information?

Dragon magazine 391, Athas Travel, is what you are looking for.

Looked but nope. Monster Hunting on Athas… but nothing about travel times.

Travel across Athas is always approximate, for methods and means vary, but for the common traveler here are the most excepted travel times for the Tablelands:

Tyr - Balic ~ 10 days
Tyr - Altaruk ~ 4 days
Tyr - Urik ~ 7 days
Tyr - Raam ~ 11 days
Urik - Raam ~ 5 days
Raam - Draj ~ 5 days
Ramm - Nibenay ~ 5 days
Altaruk - Gulg ~ 5 days
Altaruk - South Ledopolus ~ 4 days
Altaruk - Walis ~ 6 days

(Taken from the old Arena)

And for a visual:


Nice thank you!!! I This sort of thing is perfect, related to a map I am familiar with and everything. Fantastic!

Here’s an automated distance calculator using the 2e distances. I forget the difference between 4e and 2e distances.

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