Tree of Life Questions

Short version of the question: is a tree of life able to restore itself from a completely damaged state?

I’ve found references that a Tree of Life can restore itself from being completely chopped down over the period of four weeks. I’ve also seen the stat block from the Terrors of the Deadlands, but it does not mention that sort of thing. Not that I want to chop down a tree of life to get an infinite source of lumber, but I am trying to figure out how much it can heal.

  1. If it can regenerate from being completely cut down, does it take an amount of time equal to the table in the Terrors of Deadlands, four weeks, or something else?

  2. If a tree of life suffers negative levels equal to its HD, does it die for good or does it regenerate over time as well?

We managed to get our hands on a couple, so just exploring options. Side note, considering having one made and awakening it. Epic play gets a little strange.


If I recall correctly, a tree of life can regenerate from anything short of being killed.

Trees of life do not have HD, so you would have to adjudicate if an awakened tree of life regains negative levels naturally.


Or, he could be referencing Terrors of the Dead Lands, pg 39 directly

“Regrowth (Ex): Every hour, a tree of life heals a number of hit points and negative levels depending on its age (see the table below). The tree grows back damaged branches, roots, and leaves, fully restoring itself in a week.”

As there are references that say that sorcerer monarchs ban their defilers from using their (or certain) trees of life to power the defilers’ spells (but i can’trecall where), and lacking specific language that says otherwise, I’d personally say that you CAN kill a tree of life if you give it to many negative levels.


I believe that would go under the physical portion of it. I was designing a habitat of sorts to make sure it is taken care of it. Though after a point it becomes an issue that the tree might be subject to disintegrate. After that point theoretically it could be revived, as it is plant (creature?) with mental stats, just not Int in the Terrors of the Dead Lands.

I can see the logic in it, thanks! The amulets that allow for defilers to cast using the tree as a source become more valuable, like trusted agents. Comparatively I think negative levels would be the only way to really destroy one. I had entertained the idea of awakening the tree, but its better not doing that. ^_^;;


That’s totally a thing.

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