Trembling plains maps

Do you know who made the different maps for the Trembling plains?

Do we have a file, somewhere, with layers, of these maps?


Do we know who made these two?
Trembling Plains092307

After searching, I think the first was from David Tirsh (Cyrus9a) or his brother, while the second one was from
 @raddu ?

If it is so Robert, do you still have the original file? A .psd or something with layers?

Have you asked @darkinterloper or @methvezem already? They are knowledgeable in maps too.

Also, the first one looks like work that came from the website or not?

In my files I’ve found two PSD’s.
They are from the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild (area D4). The file called ‘Trembling Plains’ is your second map.

Brax made the maps in the unfinished Lost Cities btw. But you probably knew that already :wink:

Humph. Dumb me . I totally forgot to check this out.

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Raven uploaded the PSDs of the Lost Cities and Trembling Plains version I made to the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild:

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