TSR Adventure Freedom Incomplete?

So I was looking through things and I noticed in the old TSR adventure Freedom that the introduction references things that never occur. Namely the different paths in the slave pens seemed to originally have different outcomes/endings. Helping the half-giant and being granted noble status was supposed to lead into an encounter with Agis where he’s looking for muscle. Joining the gladiators was supposed to result in somehow saving Neeva from something. Joining the overseers was supposed to result in sorta joining the templars and working for Tithian. Working with the slave rebellion was supposed to result in working for Rikus and commanding a slave army. Joining the Veiled Alliance was supposed to result in working directly for Sadira.

So that stuff never happens in the adventure and you never have any direct interaction with the Prism Pentad principals (aside from a brief encounter with Kalak if he makes you a noble).

So I was wondering if anyone ever expanded on the module, or if the apparent unfinished/drastically changed nature of the product has ever been discussed before?

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I don’t think anything was ever directly followed up on, aside from the slave army, which would more or less encapsulate the Road to Urik path. Actually, I suspect that every single one of those outcomes leads you to the Crimson Legion, though probably at different starting positions.

My guess would be that those bits are intended as launching points for your own campaigns and adventures, and provide the DM with character hooks and patrons to work with, beyond just “you’re free now, and Tyr is a mess”

yeap pretty much that, I noticed this in my recent running of Freedom! as well. then open ended bits allowed me to more easily pick and choose which parts of Freedom I wanted to use to start as a launching part of our campaign. I used the Veiled alliance hooks most, as well as a smattering of Gladiator stuff.

Oh yea and we left off with “You’re free now!” and today pick up with “Tyr is a mess”

Zeb Cook is actually on Facebook. I asked him this question months ago, but while he promised a response, he never actually got around to it :frowning:

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