Tyrian Reforms Ideas

In City-State of Tyr it states,

“2. Agis calls an emergency meeting of the Senate. Following much debate, the Senate passes profound reforms. The legislation is taken to Tithian who, trying to win the senators support, signs the majority of the edicts without reading them. Later, Tithian is angered by some of the reforms passed, but takes no action, fearing a revolt.”

What do you think some of those reforms were? The slaves were already freed at this time.

The only one I could find for sure are “each individual in the city is entitled to one hand-carried container of water each day.” CSoT p12

Later the council adds subsistence farming and sharecropping, but I’m looking for the immediate reforms.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Allow controlled/limited food distribution from the Templar’s Grain Warehouse
  • make reading legal.
  • limit the power of Templars - no more immediate death?
  • make Elemental Priests/shrines legal
  • Allow the general populace to purchase iron (it was limited when the mines closed)

Easy. Limiting secular authority to arrest. No more immediate judgments.


Trying to remember the details of Tyr around this time, but a guess would be freedom of speech/assembly?

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