Udoxias for Athas

The udoxias are artifacts from the Forgotten Realms, but easily could have been implemented at the height of the Athasian Green Age.


The udoxias were the pinnacle achievement of the Jhaamdathi empire. The Jhaamdath empire was aware of the Netherese mythallar and Elven mythals, and these magics influenced the creation of the udoxias.

At first the Jhaamdathi attempted to research psionic mythals, seeking to implement a psionic version of the Elven mythals. However, it soon became apparent to the Psiarchs that a psionic mythal on a wide scale would be too difficult a task. Next was an attempt at a psionic mythallar. The psionic mythallar failed entirely – there was no ambient source of psionics to fuel a psionic mythallar, while the Netherese mythallar were fueled by the weave.

The research was not in vain. In reseaching psionic mythals and attempting to build a psionic mythallar, the Jhaamdathi were able to design and ultimately create the udoxias. Unlike mythals and mythallar that draw power from the weave of magic on a constant basis, the udoxias were to be powered by the individual psions and other users of psionics that stored psionic energies within the udoxia. In addition, any prospective user of the udoxia would have to learn the ability to contact the udoxia in order to access its powers.

Each udoxia is at its core an incredibly advanced cognizance crystal, with seemingly no limit to its storage capacity. In each udoxia was imprinted many powers and psionic feats. A user of an udoxia could draw on these powers and feats, but had to trade out an equivalent power or feat in exchange. Those powers traded out were effectively sequestered, and were not made available for other users of the udoxias. Most psionically capable Jhaamdathi within the functional range of an udoxia would habitually store all of their power points within the udoxia each day, for those psionic power points could be used at any time to manifest powers. Many Jhaamdathi had thousands of power points so stored.

The range of the udoxias generally covered an entire Jhaamdathi city, and extended out a few miles radius outside the city limits. The result of this was that psionically capable Jhaamdathi were loath to leave the cities beyond the range of the udoxias, so a development gap emerged between the county and the cities.

There were calls for more udoxia to be created to cover the entire Jhaamdathi empire, but with the Jhaamdathi empire in an expansionist mode there were not enough resources to accomplish it. Over time even the udoxia that were created became less ambitious. Every udoxia after the sixth contained only the powers of a single psionic subdiscipline, rather than the powers of an entire single discipline.

Udoxian Contact [PSIONIC]

Prerequisite: requires instruction in how to contact the udoxia. Instruction can be from being taught, mind reading, research, or other means (DM fiat).

Benefit: You become instantly aware when you have stepped within range of a udoxias. As a full round action, you may contact a udoxia, gaining instant knowledge of all powers and feats that it contains. This contact lasts for as long as you remain within the artifact’s range, or if you choose to end such contact.

When in contact with a udoxias, you have access to many of its special abilities. As a full round action, you may temporarily acquire one feat or a power of the udoxias, however, you temporarily give up one feat, or one power of the same level. This swap lasts for as long as you remain in contact with the udoxias, or if you choose to end the swap. You cannot acquire a power that is a higher level than you could normally manifest. You do not benefit from and cannot use any udoxias-acquired feats for which you do not meet the prerequisites.

The udoxia can act as a cognizance crystal of limitless capacity. You can store power points in the udoxia which can be drawn for the purpose of manifesting powers as long as you remain within the artifact’s range. See ‘using stored power points’ on the SRD for the rules pertaining to using stored power points. You should keep track of the number of stored power points that you have stored in the udoxia. You may only draw from power points that you have personally stored.

(NOTE - A typical udoxias contains all the powers of a single discipline or subdiscipline in the XPH, a few new powers, all metapsionic feats, and 50% of the psionic feats in the XPH. This “formula” is what can be found in a typical Jhaamdathan udoxias. It could theoretically contain any number of feat and power combinations).

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