Undead Halflings

Do you suppose halflings ever become undead after death?

There’s nothing in the rules that I’ve seen saying they CAN’T, but I’m unaware of ever coming across an undead halfling in DS.


I’m sure they are susceptible to undeath like all other races. Nothing special like dwarven banshees or elven dune runners.

But yeah, I don’t think any are addressed in the books and I havent seen any statted anywhere.


Just spitballing:

The unliving- halfling individuals who died long ago but their bodies are animated by the many grafts who somehow survived and merged to form a hive mind. The unliving sole goal is to find and consume living beings to keep itself from truely dying like their host.


Ooooo, like a graft-based Ragamuffin. I like it. I’m stealing that - that’s going into a published adventure…


How do halflings dispose of the dead? If it’s cremation, then there isn’t much prospect of corporeal undead. That would leave incorporeal undead.

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No need to steal, you can have it free of charge :wink:

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Yup, the included adventure in Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs even has undead rhul-thaun covered in useless dead lifeshaped grafts.


Ugh, they’re Wights - for the love of Ral… :man_facepalming:

But, these were specifically, purposefully animated by Rajaat. We still don’t have any canon examples of self-animated undead halflings, yes?

ah ok lol :sweat_smile:

Lifeshaping handbook has an undead rhulisti venger and kragling Rhul-Thaun, but is athas.org fanon

Lifeshaping Handbook does go into undeath and Rhulisti society a bit, with both Rhulisti and their Rhul-Thaun descendants, even Nature-Benders, see it as a fate worse than ordinary death. There is also a twisted mockery of lifeshaping using arcane magic called “Death-Shaping” that was planned as a major factor in Eldaarich’s society in Prison State of Eldaarich

I’ll take it - I’m not picky in that regard.

Yeah. I’m looking now.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for Eldaarish Death-Shaped items when i get to PSoE and make sure they’re done well.

Edit: (Sigh), and they passed the buck by not stating out the Death-Shaped items they listed/described, instead telling you to look in PSoE. I’m also unclear how they got rhul-thaun kraglings in a village where everyone died…

Fun fact, there’s nothing for it in Prison State :grimacing:
I strongly recall something mentioning it in one of the things for Trembling Plains/Kurn/Eldaarich, though

I’ve read all that stuff over once already, can’t recall seeing any such thing.

The halfling venger in LSH seems to have animated after a cave-in caused by the lowering of the sea levels at the end of the Blue Age killed her. This might be outside the bounds for a venger, IMO. Good luck choking the Athasian sun to death…

Edit: Apparently the target of her revenge are the Nature Masters - I guess I can live with that.

There are, however, rhulisti dhaots (and for some reason, mindless rhulisti skeletons and zombies) also in this adventure location.


In the Terrors Beyond Tyr Monstrous Manual, for 2nd edition, it states that many dhaots are halflings that died away from their forests.


Ah, good catch! I should have looked there.

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