Valley of Trevain

There’s a location in the Black Spine Mountains named the Valley of Trevain where a gladiator was lost along with Scorcher, one of the fabled swords created by Rajaat. I’ve looked a bit around, but haven’t found any more details concerning that valley. Do you fellow Athasians know anything about it, or point me where to look for more info? Thanks!

This valley is mentioned in Ivory Triangle. It is described as a large badlands region, among the most treacherous and isolated terrains in the Tyr region. Rumored to be haunted

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Oh right, I forgot to mention that, thanks mate for the heads-up though! I guess this is the only reference to this particular locale, which is not much~

Time to use my imagination!

It may be in Black Spine adventure module as well. Im going through all the old DS products book by book and taking copious notes for my upcoming campaign, past IT, but haven’t reached BS yet.

Pages 47-49 of Dregoth Ascending Part II give a more precise location and a few details about the Vale itself.

Oh, thanks mate, it may be unofficial work but DA still gives more insight to the area I want to use.

I always thought products were official - and DA was originally written by the guys at TSR as an official product before the setting (and TSR) went the way of the dodo so I’d treat DA (and Secrets of the Dead Lands when its released) as official.