Villages of the Waste V2

Some times ago, Chas Simpson and I started a project (another I worked on that never made it… there’s some kind of pattern… hum…) to update Village of the Waste from 2nd to 3.5e. Along with us, some other fans gathered to help (like @Band2 = huge help with NPCs conversion).

It started back around 2008 and I could find a trace of it here (2015) (I didn’t remember we talked about it in the arena): To update Villages of the Wastes

I don’t know who had the editable document, but I know it exists since I have a pdf of it.

I think it’s another thing that should see the light along with my personnal project Working Too Hard (which I published yesterday in the FB group and will do it here too).

So, what do we do with this project?


Its easy to convert PDF to word. Put it up so people can assess it.

I feel conflicted.

I’d personally rather see a Villages of the Wastes 2, with additional locations sketched out, then see a conversion to an older edition.

Don’t get me wrong, 3x is my preferred version of DnD, but the update will of limited utility to lots of folks.

But hey, have fun.


True. But it’s never as good as the original version.

Yeah, I know. Eventually, we could add new location (maybe without stats to fit all systems).

If someone made such location in his game, it would be fun to share it. Although, to be part of a more official document, there is a standard of quality needed.

I’ve got a few villages I’ve done over the years, I can see if I can find them or type them up. I’ve got one that’s for a cannon location, but I use basically the same template for all the village location, actually based off the VotWs document.


I think a new project would be more useful. I find I convert NPCs on the fly to 5th edition anyway, so any stats are only going to be used by a subsection of the player base, but the setting material can be used by all.