Visualizing Rajaat

What are your conceptualizations of Rajaat? Have your characters encountered the First Sorcerer in person, through time travel, or via dream sequence or the equivalent? Our PCs fought alongside the Champions against this great enemy through the events of the Prism Pentad. He appeared as a titanic storm, Jovian in ferocity, annihilating several PCs with vortices, strokes of lightning, and weird defiling energy we’d never seen before.

I’ve put a bit of thought into this from time to time. Prior to his imprisonment I saw him as less a quasimodo style mutant as much as a sort of perversion of the various races comprising the pyreen. The best way I could describe my depiction of Rajaat was if you combined nosferatu with a hairless gorilla. That said as a pyreen and sorcerer/psion without peer he could look like whatever he liked, but I often had him hide behind robes and masks.

Now escaped from the Black he would be a very different beast imo. However I don’t see him as a mirror of the cerulean storm as much as I imagine him being heavily altered by the Black into a being of shadow much like his halfling servants were when they became shadow giants. I intend to use the shadow giants’ appearance as a guideline for Rajaat and from there just play with the fact that as a Pyreen he is inherently a master shapeshifter.

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Like Sloth from the Goonies.


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