WANTED - Beta Testers for The Emissary 3.5e

Calling all willing and able 3.5e Dark Sun DM’s…

As we promised, the new and improved 3.5e Emissary Adventure is now ready for beta testing! This means we are now looking for a few good DM’s who would deign to drag their daring dungeoneers down the deepest darkest depths of the dastardly diabolical Dead Lands, for a quibble with the quotidian quixotic queen Qwith!

So tell me, Dark Sun DM’s… Are you up to the task?

If you are, contact me today for the first bona fide copies of The 3.5e Emissary Adventure, and I’ll set you up for the beta test. And there’s a prize for the boldest amongst you: the first 3 DM’s and teams who run the adventure and give feedback will be included in the credits!

Please contact me no later than 8 December 2021 for your chance to play your part (and earn your name in history) for the first of the Dead Lands books releases!


Bonus points for alliteration!